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House alarm branded products orisec video link to led backlight external sounder

We’ve recently been testing some “hot off the press!” items from Orisec our chosen supplier of intruder alarms and security products. Orisec’s products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, and we feel that they have some of the most innovative and well made items on the market.

Orisec made in Britain
CK-20 Alarm Panel

The newly released CK-20 alarm panel is very versatile as it can be used both as a traditional hardwired system or it can be turned into a hybrid of both wired and wireless zones/detectors using an expansion module. With upto 20 onboard zones, and a built in keypad and display plus you can add a remote keypad if required. It can communicate via PSTN(Phone line), GSM(SIM Card), IP(Internet) via an APP. So it will send you a message if the alarm is triggered when you aren’t at the property. Arming/Disarming is achieved via a numerical code, proximity tags, remote controls or a smartphone APP to suit the users requirements. With all these features this system is suitable for both upgrading an existing alarm or as a new installation into a property.

Orisec internal alarm sounder with LED lights.

Orisec have also released some new internal sounders recently. These have LED’s built into the housing and can be programmed to visually indicate the alarms armed/disarmed status and when the system is triggered along with an audible confirmation. Please watch the attached video we have made to see this feature in action. The PIR detector that you can see in our video is one of the Orisec 200 series the we have been recommending and fitting for a while now. There are detectors available for most applications including pet-friendly and dual-technology.

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