Doorbell camera

TM Security frequently receives requests to install Ring Video Doorbell cameras on our customers’ homes. With so many models to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. It’s crucial to consider build quality, ease of use, and cost. Undoubtedly a doorbell camera is a practical, convenient and cost-effective solution for adding CCTV to your home. You will need good Wi-Fi signal strength and speed for the device to function properly.

It is possible to retain your traditional mains powered doorbell’s existing chime and supply power to your new video doorbell camera, eliminating the need to charge the battery and improving its overall functionality.

A good choice is the HomeControl DoorbellCam kit. This includes a chime for inside your home and records footage when motion is detected. Receive real-time alerts from the front door straight to your mobile device and stay connected to home; never missing a visitor or delivery again. With the DoorbellCam’s inbuilt mic and speaker, welcoming visitors and directing deliveries has never been easier, whether home or away. See, speak with and welcome guests with a 130 degree field of view and crisp 1080p HD video footage. And there are no monthly or annual fees to pay!

doorbell camera


There are other camera security solutions available from TM Security, a popular choice is the LightCamera, an outdoor security light with built-in CCTV. No matter where you are, you can watch live and recorded video from your smart device, as well as control your entire Pyronix security system with the same app. Equipped with dual lights that activate with the detection of motion acting as a deterrent and for convenience.

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