New range of intruder alarms for home and business premises

Welcome to our new range of alarms and security systems from Orisec. These are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and are truly a premium product. The backlit external sounders are a fantastic visual deterrent and give your home or business premises  a modern stylish look. Click here to view a video of one of our sounders at night.

You can add a touchscreen keypad to control your alarm system, making the system easy to operate. There are variety of colours to choose from to compliment your homes décor. Click here to learn more.

Our alarms can be controlled by a secure smart phone app that gives full control to the user, and will send you notifications when its triggered.

A large range of detectors are available, both wired and wireless. The wireless door contacts and shock detectors have impressed us. They are smaller than most that are on the market and come in several colours to match your properties windows and doors. Click here to learn more.

Click here or Call 07976 981589 today to arrange a demonstration.

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